About Us

 The Academy

Palma Sola Early Learning Academy uses an integrated and thematic approach to learning. Children ages two through five are introduced to mind-nurturing experiences and developmentally appropriate practices to form the educational foundation for lifelong learning.

Our integrated approach to learning stresses a combination of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities to educate the ‘whole child’ and develop a strong sense of self.

Why is my child’s early learning experience so important?

A growing body of research indicates that children who attend high quality early childhood programs benefit socially, emotionally and cognitively. Research also shows that children enrolled in good preschool programs tend to have higher verbal and intellectual development, are more likely to have a positive transition into kindergarten, and they are more successful in later school years.

What makes Palma Sola Early Learning Academy’s program so outstanding?

Preschool children learn mainly through play and interactive activities. Preschool teachers capitalize on play and interaction to further language and vocabulary development (using storytelling, rhyming and games), improve social skills (having children work together in large and small group activities), and introduce scientific and mathematical concepts (showing the children how to balance and count or how to mix colors when painting).

Thus, a blend of teacher directed and child initiated learning, is critical in quality preschool education. It is on this that we base our curriculum.